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Metal Star Candle Holder

If you're looking for a rustic metal star candle holder to keep your candles burning, this one's for you! The piece is primitive and made of durable materials, making it a great choice for any container or storage spot.

Top 10 Metal Star Candle Holder

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Cheap Metal Star Candle Holder

This metal star candle holder is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your space. The star design is implemented in black wrought iron with a black taper candle holder beneath. This has the perfect amount of slat-style design for adding a touch of luxury. There is also a built-in hanger for attaching to a wall, and a built-in key ring to keep your candles close at hand. The 12 diameter candles make a beautiful and durable gift. this is a great new holder for your metal star candles. The metal makes it look proud and the stars are in shades of red make it feel like you're being recognised. The rotera hunging tea light candle holder metal red stars make a great addition to your kitchen or living room. this product is a metal star candle holder from bath, body works. It is 3 wick candle holder with a ceremonial sleeve and is new.