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Advent Candle Holder

Lenox is an international brand that has been providing high-quality products and services to the retail market for over 50 years. This advent wreath is a perfect addition to your home or office and is perfect for that special someone who needs to bring touch of beauty to your: space. The advent wreath has a unique trimmed design with angel gold trim and is 11. 5"l x 5"w x 1. It has a great selection of candles and is perfect for any effect you could want. Order your advent wreath today and create the perfect home or office space.

Advent Candle Holders

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Advent Wreath Candle Holder

This perfect holder for yourcold drinks or hot cocoa will make your snowman applications stand out at the office. The luxurious porcelain finish will make a statement also home. This holder comes with an andes glass candle which means you can always have a warm drink at hand. this elegant candle holder is perfect for holding up to 40 candles. The celtic knot advent wreath design features a large size for large quantities and a heavy weight for second-to-last use. This holder is perfect for your personal gift-giving or for use as a candle holder in your kitchen. this spiral advent candle holder is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home decor. With its pewter-pated design, this holder is sure togothicise your home's off-white or dark green! The perfect addition to any room, this holder has a comfortable design and easy to use. Simply place the candle in the holder and hold with one hand, ready for those quick functions that come with being aurtator. this vintage abbey press advent wreath has candle holders all over the world and a beautiful wreath made of brightly lit candles. The wreath is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your room or birthday party.