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Lenox Votive Candle Holder

This is a Lenox pierced autumn pumpkin Votive candle holder with 24 kt, new 3. 75 inchワイドブックレスです。.

Lenox Candle Holders

This Lenox candle holder is a fantastic alternative to create a Votive candle plan and look beautiful, the perforated footers make it effortless to protect the Votive candle from damage. The are top-notch for either daytime or nighttime use, this Lenox village porcelain candle holder is a top-of-the-heap alternative to keep your candles burning all night long. The holder imparts a comfortable design and is manufactured of heavy-duty porcelain, it's valuable for holding candles, or keeping them with you when you leave for the night. Make sure to get the latest prices and availability in your local store today, this lovely antique Lenox candle holder is top-rated to hold your favorite candles; either made by Lenox or bought from a Lenox store. The holder is manufactured out of porcelain and imparts a stylish design, making it a terrific addition to room, this is a beautiful Lenox christmas candle holder with gilded octagons and a pearl Votive candle. The candle is in a beautiful, modern design and looks top-of-the-heap in any room, the candle is uncomplicated to set up and is very effortless to lights.