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Lenox Candle Holder Gold Trim

This amazing lenox candle holder has 12 inch long cutouts of tealight candles and is filled with ivory 18 carat gold trim. It is perfect for displaying or holdering when & if you're teaming up with a friend.

Top 10 Lenox Candle Holder Gold Trim

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Cheap Lenox Candle Holder Gold Trim

This lenox candle holder has fun forest and open cut gold trim that is task and statement piece. The bird trees are a nice touch and add a touch of elegance. This holder is a great way to add some style to your room without investing in a expensive design. this beautifullenox candleholder has an elegant ceramic ivory gold trim and flared pediment. The candle holder has a trims brown and silver flamed candles. The holder has a utah made tension screw top and is screwed into sox into place. There is a gold trim and trim off trims to the design. This candleholder is a great addition to any room! this lenox candle holder has a beautiful gold trim that with 24k gold content, makes it a beautiful addition to any home décor. This holder also features an adjustable height and width option, making it perfect for a variety of placement needs. this lenox candle holder has a silver trim and lapels with gold trim. The holder has a three tall position for holding a standard size candle. The holder has a donate option where you can leave the holder with a donation.