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Partylite Seville 3-wick Candle Holder Replacement Glass Hurricane

Looking for a way to keep your candles burning all night long? this partylite seville glass candle holder replacement hurricane-style candle holder is perfect for that! With this holder, you can keep your candles safe and easy to use, while the replacement glass makes it easy to see the flame.

Partylite Seville 3-wick Candle Holder Replacement Glass Hurricane Ebay

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Partylite Seville 3-wick Candle Holder Replacement Glass Hurricane Walmart

This is a great holder for your candles as it is made of glass and is durable. It also has a storm blade on the back that makes it easy to pour your candles into the holder. The partylite seville 3-wick candle holder is a great way to keep your candles in the kitchen or any other specific location while you’re still able to access them while they’re on the go. this is a great candle holder for those who want to keep their candles close by. It is made of durable glass and features a few small stars in it. The star design is inspired by the seville hurricane, which is the most powerful ever reported. if you're having trouble with your seville 3-wick candle holder replacement glass hurricane seville candle holder working, then you may need to replace your glass. Not only does this simply by happen when its own break, but also because of the quilt top design of this holder. Not only will you want to put this in a more secure location for your candles, but also since the glass is cracked, it will not heat up as quickly as other options. if your glass hurricane candle holder is losing its heat and it is not getting replaced, this is the perfect solution! Just connect the partylite 3-wick candle holder to your home-updatable wattage and you're good to go! The holder has 3 heaters which can all be controlled with a single button, so you can always be sure of your candles are at the perfect temperature.