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Sweet 16 Candelabra Candle Holders

This 16-carat diamond-encrusted candleholder is a must-have for any 16 th activity, the intricately designed designs and symbols make for a beautiful and heartfelt candleholder.

Best Sweet 16 Candelabra Candle Holders

These Sweet 16 candle holders are unequaled for the shirley honored name or any other similar title, the 16 candle holders are with metal clapboard with white rug in the heart blue color. The holders are for up to 16 candles and can hold that much light, the holders also have metal rods for balance and a third of an inch on either side of the clapboard. The holders are wired for an electrician to turn on the light and off, the holders also come with a cord wrap and a natural scouring light. With admire symbol candle holders, you can enjoy a comfortable, hand-friendly grip while lights take up minimal space on your dark décor, this Sweet 16 candle holder is a top alternative to add a touch of elegance to your space. The pandan green and white decor is outstanding for any room, the holder imparts a catches door that keeps it closed, so you can be sure that the 16 candles are burning correctly. The holders are effortless to clean, and are valuable for any room, the luxurious materials used in the design means that your audience is guaranteed to be impressed, whether you're using them for your home'scoziness note or just wanted to add a touch of luxury to your room.