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Rosenthal Crystal Candle Holder

This Crystal candle holder set of 2 germany is terrific to help keep your candles burning long and hot! The delicate rosy color of the Crystal is straightforward to look at and is fantastic for any room in your home, the holder is straightforward to fill with small, hot candles and does not included any battery. It is prime for any anyone scouring for a cute and straightforward to adopt candle holder.

Rosenthal Crystal Germany Classic Rose MARIA Candle Holder(s) NEW

Rosenthal Candle Holders Crystal

This beautiful candleholder gives a diamond shape and is signed "rosenthal" in a clear plastic case, the holder gives a comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap and is exquisite for holding your candles or oil. This star candle holder is a beautiful and unique choice to keep your candles burning down to the ground, the crinkled design with the unique native rose is a peerless shape for any candle brand or scent. The candle holder is furthermore just right place to keep your candles on the occasion that somewhere like on a trip and don't have the time to heat up your own flame, this studio line Crystal candle holder in box is a sensational alternative to add a touch of elegance to your home decor. This holder is produced of durable material that is sure to last, the Crystal candle in the holder effortless to hold and is practical for any fashion-forward home. This Crystal candleholder is exceptional for displaying your art deco artistry! The holders are made of rigorous silver metal hardware, and can easily hold a variety of Crystal candles, the base issha-themed with a logo and a small picture of a human in a Crystal sky. The holders are straightforward to wind and fit comfortably over a hand.