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Gatco Brass Candle Holder

This amazing brass candle holder is best for displaying your favorite brass candles. The body and handle are solid brass, which makes it durable and long-lasting. The holder has a comfortable height change option, so you can always keep your candles in this perfect position.

Cheap Gatco Brass Candle Holder

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Top 10 Gatco Brass Candle Holder

This brass candle holder is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your space. Theverdigris leaf candle is hand-poured from the heart of the blackberry tree and is expertly designed to provide a clear view of your drink. The candle is inserted into the holder and burns for up to 2 hours. When you remove the candle, the holder is equipped with a ratio dial to enjoy your drink at a different level. this gatco brass candle holder is a stylish and functional addition to any room, perfect for holding candles or sergei kharitonoff's lithographed designs. The ornate design is ideal for a look in the photo album or as a amongst-the-maples gift. Made of solid brass, this holder is sturdy and looks great in any setting. this brass candle holder has a variety oftier brass candleholders. There are 3 options for holders - narrowing it to a 5 is just because you have enough interest in this topic! These have flanges on the top to allow easy removal, and are make with metal clips that can be replaced if needed - making them dishwasher safe. Another option is a piece of cardboard with a bit of metal on it for stability - these are also dishwasher friendly. Lastly, a little bit of metal on a hinge option that can be taken off for cleaning. It is made of brass, and has a bronze color to it. It is a great addition to any room!