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Depression Glass Candle Holders

This interesting depression glass candle holder from our products is a great addition to your bedroom or home office. With its stylish black and white design it will add a touch of luxury to your otherwise mundane office. These candle holders are also great for holding other votives or glass items. This depression glass candle holder is a beautiful 6"l x 4"w x 1/4"h design and is made from high-quality matte satin pink meditation glass. It is backed by a uniqueadobe patina. This piece is perfect for the individual who wants to create a strong sense of smell and is also great for those who want to store their candles in a unique and stylish way. The holders are easy to set up and are perfect for holding candles or other votives. They are also easy to clean with a removable piece of glass cake stand. Overall, this is a beautiful and unique candle holder that is perfect for any home office or bedroom.

Pink Glass Candle Holders

If you're looking for a way to add a little bit of elegance to your home décor, here are three great options: pink glass candle holders, clear glass candle holders, and black glass candle holders. pink glass candle holders are perfect for adding a pop of color to any room. These holders are made of sturdy materials and can handle heavy use. clear glass candle holders are perfect for adding a moody atmosphere to your home. They're durable and easy to clean, and they look great with vibrant afghans or a vibrant ruffled shirt. black glass candle holders are the perfect way to add an extra bit of visual interest and atmosphere to your home. They're stylish and durable, and they're sure to add some extravalue to your décor.

Pink Depression Candle Holders

These pink depression candle holders are the perfect way to show how deeply you care for your loved ones. The designs include a glass effect and are black or white depending on the color code. this set of two vintage pink glass candle holders is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your atmosphere. The holders are made of high-quality glass and have a single use opening for keeping your candles. They are also comfortable to hold and make a great addition to any room. these holders come in two sizes - small and large - and are perfect for carrying single or large candles with you around to yourself! The pink color is their forgotten looky-oo color and the simple design is perfect for any room additonnds. this beautiful vintage pink glass candle holder is a great way to show off your favorite candles! The holders have four 12 inch diameter pink depressions in the top and bottom. They are made of sturdy glass and are super easy to clean.