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Candle Holder Inserts

Add a little bit of personality to your home with this solid brass crown shaped candle holder. With its brass finish and clever jewel insert, this holder makes a great addition to any room. Best of all, it can be customized to your liking, making it a great addition to your home ordnance.

Tealight Candle Holder Inserts

The next thing you might want to consider is your candle’s height. You can either set your candles at an angle or have a specific height from the ground, and it’s easy to find the perfect fit. if you’re using a flameless candle, you can set it where you want it by following a line of text on the side of the flame or by placing a leaf or piece of paper over the top. If you’re using a re-lit candle, you can also follow the basic process. to find the perfect candle height, you can use a level or a tape measure. The size of your candle, and the amount of oil or wax in it, also affect how high you can set your candle. For instance, a small, small and medium-sized candles have a height of about 12 inches. For example, a small, small and medium-sized candles have a height of about 12 inches.

Candle Holder Insert

This valerie qvc candle holder insert is perfect for your candleics store! It has two mirror insertmotors that keep the candle holders in line and also have s2 lit quilted. The holder is also adjustable to fit a variety of sizes. this product is a holder that can be used with standard holders to insert a candidate's candle. It has two brass insertes that are easy to clean and should be in use this winter. valerie's candle holder inserts are a great way to keep your candles and candles on test or on the desk. The holders come with a mirror insert that makes lit candles look good in multiple ways. this candle holder is a unique piece of glass that has a vintage-inspired tone to it. It is crinkle-glassed top and bottom, making it look like a heart-shaped candle. The body is made of sterling silver with a gold tone, and the top is filled with a bubbly-jelly-like substance. This holder is perfect for inserted a hot candle, or using as a holder for a creature from the black lagoon t-shirt.