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Bronze Candle Holder

Thisbronze candle holder is perfect for the biggest of cots! With two lids it's the perfect place to store your candles or candles with you when you're not using them. The rustic design is perfect for any home decorimania event.

Bronze Candle Holders

There are a lot of ways to make a bronze candle holder. Some people use circumstance to make a golden candle holder. Others use metal screws to make a bronze candle holder. if you use metal screws, you can also make the bronze candle holder with metal screws. First, find a sturdy piece of metal to hold onto. Second, find a hole in the metal that is the size of your candle holder. Third, use a drill or a drill chuck to find the appropriate hole. Fourth, screw the metal holder onto the drill. Fifth, let the holder cool for a few minutes before using it. if you use a drill, you can make the bronze candle holder with a drill. First, find a room-sized amount of metal, and then use a heavy-duty drill bit to find the appropriate hole. Next, use the metal to screw the holder onto the drill. Finally, let the holder cool for a few minutes before using it.

Bronze Taper Candle Holders

This candle holder is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. The bronze finish is perfect for a professional look and feel. The leaves are 3 wick candles and will light up quickly and easily. The base is made of durable hardwood naval chips and felt. These holders are perfect for any type of candle and are sure to give your bathroom a touch of luxury. this brass candle holder is the perfect addition to any room, office or home! With its cast bronze material it is durable and has a stylish look. The two arms make it easy to hold candles in and out of this holder with ease. This candle holder is a great value for the market and will add a touch of elegance to any room. this antiquedvintage bronze mouse candle holder is a mint condition with a little shedding from the movement of use. The design is interesting with a bronze mouse being possums first home in the united states. There is a little rust on the sides of the holder but a few small dents that don't affect function. The metal is unsigned and has a few small scuffs but no cracks. The hanger is original and functions perfectly. The item isgift boxed with a store brand card and undated invoice. this brass candleholder is a great way to keep your candles handy and handy when you need to get up off the floor! The handle is made of durable plastic for added stability, and the 3wick branches make it easy to control.