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Baldwin Brass Candle Holder

The baldwin brass rope edge journal candleholder is a perfect addition to your brass shop. This holder is in polishing brass color. It is made of heavy-duty metal and features a second polishing event for the benefit of your brass tools. It is also for holding candles, and can hold up to 30 of them.

Baldwin Brass Pillar Candle Holder

The baldwin brass pillar candle holder is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home flooring or office space! This holder has a baldwin stained glass bracelet name in demonic lettering, that opens up the look of the candle to a new level. The mantel or walls can be covered in a sleek natural finish or with a simple piece of decoupage, the holder can be converted to any shape you need. And can be converted to any shape or color you choose! The holder is a great addition to any decor with a luxurious feel, and is perfect for any type of candle.

Baldwin Candle Holders Brass

This beautiful baldwin swing arm pair *cordless* candle stick holderadjustable *vintage* is a perfect gift for anyhistoricalrucee*s*man* or any*movers*! The brass construction with the pando. this, your the perfect gift for any*movers*! The brass swing arm with the pando is perfect for holding candles, cordless tools, or even an occasional book! The holder is adjustable for size and angle, and comes with two candles! this baldwin brass candle holder is perfect for holding a brass candle. The shelter-style handle is made of heavy-duty metal and has a comfortable, ergonomic design. It's perfect for using in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. this baldwin brass candle holder is a great way to store candles or other supplies without having to go through the entire mess of a room. The sleek and modern design is perfect for any room and the heavy brass material is dishwasher and microwave safe. This holder is also affordable and easy to customize. The heavy brass design is chances that you'll find it a great addition for that special someone. The holder can hold a 11-inch brass candle with ease. Plus, there are three arm options for easy holding. When using, the holder has a 4-inch thick wick and a certificate of laboratory analysis (coa).